Ninja Turtles Legends Cheats to get the greenbacks needed for recruits to fight along with you through your journey!

Ninja Turtles Legends was released on 7 December 2016, and the game was created by Ludia Inc,. You can download this game in your Android device or IOS as well.

It is one of those game about the ninja turtles’ life which is fun and you can use the Ninja Turtles Legends cheats to get subscription and receive faster pizza regen and double coins and mutagen machine and much more.


Classic Storyline!

When you run Ninja Turtles Legends for the first time the Ninja Turtles Legends guide will ask you to scroll your age, then you have to read their privacy policy and their terms of service and by taping the green proceed button that is located in the middle of the device’s screen it means that you agree to those privacy policy and terms of service.

You begin the game with the turtles running at the Rooftops of New York, where are the turtles are chasing bad guys and criminal bad armed people in the middle if the night and smashing them one by one until they these men attack the turtles with a powerful weapon that looked like an octopus then suddenly three of the turtles disappear leaving Raphael alone in his journey to find them.

Make your choice and build your team.

Your first mission in the game is named “Raphael’s vision quest” and the Ninja Turtles Legends tips tell you that you can not let the Krang get away! So fight your way out, once you defeat the first guy wave 2 will come which contains 2 armed guys, so there is no time for hesitating and attack them now, and once you finish the second wave you will complete level one and you will be in level two, and you will be rewarded as you level up so at level two you get 3 pizzas, corps cadavres comic book, 10 blue sticks and Karai!, recruit Karai and she will tell you “so the Krang got your brothers, huh? Things really going awful” then Raphael will reply with “what do you want Karai?” then she says “I want to help you, you do not actually think that you can take the Krang alone, do you?” then you will begin level two, make Karai attack with her new skill damage, as she tells you to use her power move to deal damage to all foes, then you will be stunned as she will kill all the three enemies within 1 second, so use the Ninja Turtles Legends cheats to upgrade your skills as well, Raphael will tell you to notice that the blue hex means that he is a spirit class, then Ninja Turtles Legends guide will help you to know who is weaker against Raphael.

Access the game setting for more instructions.

From the setting menu that you can access through, you can now mute the sound as well as the sfx sound, although you can learn much from the info bar at the next to the setting menu which is at the op of the device’s screen as you can see the all the icons in the game and what they do as you see the attack up and the defense up, critical up, speed up, taunts, counter attack, extra attack as well as the armor, stealth, heal over time, revenge, immunity and accuracy up.



Defeat the enemy’s bosses.

You can not defeat the enemy’s boss using the ordinary ways so when you first see an enemy boss just forfeit and call for help and recruit another monsters to fight along your side, you can purchase those or you can get the Ninja Turtles Legends hack to get them for free, so you can easily beat the enemies much easier.

Try to do your best and complete the achievements!

There are so many achievements in this game as there are up to 49 achievements, the first one is the mutagenesis which you can earn it by using 1000 mutagen and it will give you 1000 experience points, remember to use the Ninja Turtles Legends hack to get extra greenbacks to help you through the game, the second one is what they like the most in the world which is pizza so collect 60 pizzas to get the pizza rama and this will give you a thousand experience points, the third is the warp fact and this will give you 2000 experience and you can unlock it by spending 50 warp passes, the fourth is phat lewtz which you can unlock it by opening 20 card packs as it will give you 1000 experience points, permutations is the fifth achievement which you can unlock it by evolving five characters and this will give you 2500 experience points, then for the sixth achievement which is called all powerful and you can unlock in by increasing the tier of an ability five times, then you will get 2500 experience points, then we have the clash of shell which you can get by participating in one tournament and will give you 1000 experience points then you have ninja vs ninja which you can unlock it by wining 10 pvp matches, then “that which is it”

Which you can unlock it by defeating 100 Normans make sure to get the Ninja Turtles Legends cheats to help you thorough progressing your achievements, that are to be defeated and this will give you 500 experience points, then there is “these are the stars” which you can get it by defeating 100 kraandroids that are to be defeated, then the underfoot which you can unlock it by defeating 100 footbots, then the cat and mouse which you defeat 100 mousers in order to get it and gives you 500 experience points.


Use Ninja Turtles Legends hack to get free warp passes.

You can use the warp passes to get access and open new packs using the Ninja Turtles Legends cheats now for free, however you will need as well the mutagen which is very important in many things in this game as you must have them in order to level up the turtles and your recruits as well, however you can also get those mutagens by using the Ninja Turtles Legends hack for free.

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