Later on, a solid, remarkable species is made from the blend of people, innovation and dark metal.

The administration names them “shadow cyborg”, and enables each part to have their own shadow security constrain (S.E.F), however all of topic must be controlled by the Headquarter set in Century city.

Everything appears to be so flawless, til the day Headquarter is under assaulted by a Dark Clan.

Center, a senior cyborg trooper finds the plot past the point of no return.

The Lord Commander of S.E.F is hacked, he kills his trooper and supplant them by new shadow cyborg age to assume control over the legislature.

After the assault, CORE joins the revolutionary and heads to the city looking for exact retribution for his friends and wrecking the Dark Clan.

Overdrive is a blend hack n slice and activity platformer with numerous weapons accessible: sword, buster sword, skewer, twin knife… with novel inherent combos.

Beginning from the Dark Forest, you will confront unsafe adversaries and traps. In the battle, utilize your ability to maintain a strategic distance from assault and make exceptional combos.

Highlights of Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge amusement:

– Tutorial for amateur ensures each player can know how to play

– Playable OFFLINE

– Smooth diversion control involvement

– Discover poweful combos in every weapon, make diversion brimming with fun and suprising.

– Upgrade, modify and furnish your legend with epic weapons and protection suits and the sky is the limit from there!

– Ultra-dazzling scifi realistic and impact

– Giant supervisor with one of a kind assault.

Battling of Overdrive diversion:

– The screen’ll secured when foes show up in the screen and you have to demolish various influxes of adversaries to keep proceeding.

– Using maintaining a strategic distance from aptitudes to survive? Executing adversaries frantically?

– Exploting traps and stages to execute them?

– There are numerous methodologies to deal with them.



Enterprise and STORY:

– Not just battle yet in addition challenge your self to finish each level with numerous hazardous stages.

Different WEAPONS:

– Using diverse weapons ( Sword, Buster Sword, Spear,… ) with their ideal combos bring unforgetable hack and slice amusement encounter.

– Players can pick their best weapons and furthermore update weapons to open new more grounded combos.

Realistic and SOUND:

– Amazing scifi top notch realistic ensures you will be suprised.

– It’s 2 accessible modes to set appropriate realistic for your telephone.


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