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I need to concede, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is not what I expected when I initially caught wind of this title.

I had figured it would be a money snatch exploiting the Pokémon name, however truth be told, it is an intriguing easygoing diversion that pretty much anybody can appreciate.

The commence begins sufficiently basic. Chairman Karp of Hoppy Town gives you an angling rod post, which is then used to get your first Pokémon, a Magikarp. Once a Magikarp is in your ownership, Mayor Karp gradually acquaints you with the mechanics of the gameplay.

Your first assignment is to nourish your recently discovered Magikarp. You do this by putting away it in a vast tank that has a combination of drifting sustenance.



Essentially tapping on this sustenance as it buoys by will enable you to eat it. An activity that will step up your Magikarp. When you have eaten everything in the tank, you are then demonstrated to prepare for the fight to come.

There may be one preparing mode toward the start of the diversion, however more can be opened once you advance a tad bit facilitate. You can expect these preparation modes to comprise of straightforward smaller than normal amusements where you tap on the screen.

While there is next to no real technique to these modes, it can in any case be fun watching your fish tumble around angrily. When you have adequately stepped up through encouraging and preparing, it’s presently time to begin a fight.

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