Real Boxing 2 ROCKY Cheats To Get Unlimited Amount Of Coins!

This is a boxing game, it was published and created by “Vivid Games S.A”, the release date is 25 November, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to enjoy the epic battles you are going to have, make sure to read our Real Boxing 2 ROCKY tips to understand the game well before you even start it, and finally the Real Boxing 2 ROCKY hack you will get too many boosters to use in the game.

Game Controls!

At the beginning tutorial you are going to understand how does the game controls work, you will know how you are going to fight in order to win against any other wrestler, at first you will tap the right side of the screen to hit and then swipe left to also hit and swipe up on the right side of the screen and to finally swipe down on the right side, after that you will tap to continue and show your trainer what you have learned to put your enemy down, and as the round two begins you will be hit hard from your enemy to get your health bar low and once that happen the clinch button appears to hold him and here is your turn to start tapping faster to recover more health, and finally as the third round begins you will start tapping on the yellow start that will appear to you to finish him off, and finally if you have put everything under training you will be a boxing machine, and to train your hero harder with more upgraded tools you can get Real Boxing 2 ROCKY hack.

Start Customizing Your Hero To Look The Way You Want!

Now it’s the time to create your fighter, at the first you are going to choose your hero body and there are too many options available in here such as Caucasian, Asian, African American and Latino, after that you will choose your hero skin tone and to adjust its level, or you can get over this and click on random to let the game choose the type for you, after choosing the hero body you will have to choose whatever you want him to be specialized in four options available in the game like Strength, Stamina, Speed and Health after that you will need to adjust his mass and muscles level or you can always choose the random option to not waste time on such a thing.

After that you are going to customize his face to be perfectly fit for your style, at the first you must choose his hair type from the available hairs style such as Business, Choppy and FlatTop and the color you want for your hair, secondly you are going to choose the Mustache type  from the Light Horseshoe, Painter’s Brush, Sheriff and Trucker and also the color you want for your Mustache and finally your beard from the Brett, Light Goatee, Neck and Zappa, now there are too many of eyes types to choose for yourself  you can adjust the level of Eyebrows Position, Eyebrows Size, Eyebrows Rotation and its Attitude,  you can also choose your Nose position, nose tip position, nose size, nose width and nose rotation, also choosing the mouth position, mouth size, mouth width and attitude is available, ears width and ears size is an another option, and finally your jaw and head, thirdly you got to choose your boxer country, and finally his name, now your fighter is ready to begin his career, and you will be rewarded with 5000 coin , start claiming your reward and get into ring, and with the Real Boxing 2 ROCKY cheats you will be provided with more options to be unlocked for your hero.

Story Fight!

After clicking on story fight, you are going to face a smart and talented boxer, Curtis Dukes fights for the love of honor and glory…and money. Those who mistake him for nothing more than a showoff and a playboy find themselves down for the count, and in order to see his level of every ability he has, the game will show you such thing before every battle, and to increase your overall stats you can get yourself the Real Boxing 2 ROCKY hack to beat any boss ,after entering battle the boxers will be warming up and get ready to enter the ring, before any battle you will to choose a boost for yourself to use in the battle and these boosters such as Haymaker charges faster, Jabs +40% damage!, Health-leeching punches, ok at each battle you have two bars one is for your heath and the other one is for your stamina to be able to make more combos to your enemy and when it gets low your punches will get weaker so you will need to stop punching to regenerate it back, if your enemy dropped to the ground during the fight he will need to stand up back in a specific time to continue fighting and if he didn’t you will win the battle instantly, after winning any battle you are going to be rewarded with too many prizes such as coins and with the Real Boxing 2 ROCKY

Cheats you can have all the coins need to get more experience to reach higher levels and to get more levels in no time start putting your hands on Real Boxing 2 ROCKY cheats.

Start Increasing Your Overall Stats In Order To Beat The Different Unique Bosses!

After getting a new level you will be able to increase your stats such as strength points, stamina points, speed points and health points, after getting a new level of any stats such as stamina as an example you will need to wait for a specific amount of time to start increasing it again, so you can use a gym in order to restore the conditions again and by obtaining the Real Boxing 2 ROCKY cheats you will have too many hornets to choose from for your boxer.

Start Training Your Boxer To Become Unbeatable!

With the experience you get after each battle, you can start hitting them to get stronger, you can start training with the heavy bag to increase the power of your boxer’s punches, you can use the jumping rope to increase the numbers of punches your boxer can throw, you can also the double end bag to increase the speed of your boxer’s actions, and with the usage of Real Boxing 2 ROCKY you can get too many packs to have random items such as natives.

Start Getting The Real Boxing 2 ROCKY Hack To Get Unlimited Amount Of Diamonds!

In order to increase your overall stats in no time you can use the diamonds to restore back the perfect condition, so you can start beating the unlimited amount of unique you are going to face and finally make sure you have read all of our Real Boxing 2 ROCKY guide to completely understand what you are going to face in the game.


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