Welcome to the field of RULES OF SURVIVAL.

You will be one out of 120 unarmed players who get air dropped into a tremendous, abandoned island. Just the last one survives.

Keep in mind, your protected zone is reducing. You are hustling against harm gas spreading, adversaries shooting, and at last passing pursuing.

You could either battle alone or frame a little collaborate to 4 players. Gather weapons scattered, arm yourself to the teeth, use your astuteness and strategies, plunder equip from the unfortunate.

Alarm !!! This isn’t just about an amusement. This is about an existence and passing battling.

【Game Feature】

Run or Fight!

– Absolute reasonable play in a monstrous HD delineate.

Last Man Stands!

– Solo or group mode in a 120 survivor’s fight.

Pick and Use!



– Variety of guns and embellishments.

Quick and Furious!

– Drive vehicles crosswise over various territories.

When you begin hunting down a match, you will get three alternatives or sorts of matches to que in. The first is the performance que, and this was made for the players who have no companions or want to play individually, without getting any kind of assistance from anybody.

The second alternative is the Duo, just 2 companions can enter together and the same applies to your adversaries. Every little gathering will be comprised of 2 players. Not enormous fight scale but rather still will be all that anyone could need to give you the appropriate measure of pleasure.

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