Win the difficulties in stunt tracks with your amazing trick auto!

Drive on tracks with bounced, circles and hindrances! Race against a prepare!

Beat the cop autos in San Francisco!

Attempt the new dashing levels against the rival auto! Begin playing the fun tracks at this moment, and test yourself to get three stars from all levels!

Finish the Arizona levels, and open San Francisco city and port levels!

Drive on the marvelous tracks on Golden Gate connect. Be careful with the trolley autos and cops in San Francisco however.


– Easy to utilize auto controls.



– Progress on the auto hustling tracks and open up new levels with more wonderful hops, circles and difficulties.

– Improve the execution of the auto as your advance.

– Four unique autos to play with. Counting a creature truck auto!

– Level topics incorporate Arizona gulches, San Francisco port, San Francisco roads, Golden Gate, and no man’s land.

– Classic American dream muscle autos to race with.

– Level obstructions like moving trains, and pursuing squad cars.

– Wasteland subject incorporates levels you race against a rival auto.

– Racing tracks to go up against various oppontent autos!

– More levels with cops pursuing you on stunt auto tracks!

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