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War Machines is an action-shooting game, just choose your tank and destroy your enemies and smash then, War Machines Tank  is created and developed by Fun Games for Free, it was released on 16 December 2016.

It is available on all Android devices with 4.0.3 firmware and up, it is also available on all the IOS devices, always remember to use our War Machines cheats to get free gold coins and diamonds, FYI this game was a Movie before to be a game.


War Machines has an easy and flawless game controls!

Use the 360-degree joystick to control your tank, then War Machines tips will tell you to move to the green area, then the War Machines guide will tell you to drag to aim, aim the gun at the enemy tank then start shooting the enemy tank by taping the rocket button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then you have to shoot again because this tank is strong and it can handle one shoot.

Helena will help you through your rough days!

A good looking female office name Helena will introduce herself to you offering to show you around and tells you congratulations on crossing the tutorial and well done, recruit!

Then you head back to the garage, and Helena will give you a special tank and some funds to help you and to get you started, Helena will also tell you to upgrade the turret to make your tank more powerful, the best way to make the upgrade easily is to download the War Machines hack for free now!


Upgrade your tank now using War Machines Hack.

The tank that Helena has given to you has 250 points armor, 54 attack points, and 11.5 rpm shots and 61.5 km/h movement speed, but you can upgrade your tank by purchasing gold coins to use to buy the in-game upgrades or you can always choose the easy way and download our War Machines cheats to get infinite gold coins needed for the upgrades.

The first upgrade is the turret and you have to upgrade it to get better and more devastating attack power for an example your first tank will increase at level 3 turret from 54 to 57 attack points, then we have the barrel with more accuracy to your shot for the same example for your given tank at the begging of the game when you upgrade the barrel from level one to level two the 11.50 rpm will to become 12.10 rpm, then it is time for the chassis with gives you bonus armor, also the same example for the tank, your armor will increase from 250 armor points to be 262 armor points per one level, it is now time for the engine that gives you bonus speed points for the same tank upgrading from level one to level two will help you to increase your movement speed from 61.5 km/h to reach up to 61.8 km/h, and last but not least you can also upgrade the tracks for the same reason, to help you increase your movement speed at level one for the tank given to you at your start of the game in case you forgot, from 61.5 km/h to reach 61.6 km/h, or you can use War Machines Cheats now for free!

Awesome soundtracks with amazing graphics with a 360-degree rotating background!

War Machines has fantastic soundtracks that will keep you right in the mood with a stunning graphics, you will feel like it’s a computer game not a regular mobile game.


Go to the garage now to find your perfect match!

Take a tour with Helena at the garage to find your perfect tank that is suitable for you.

To access the tank’s garage, click on the tanks bottom located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, you will find variety amounts of tanks.

There are 5 tiers, the first one consists of four tanks, the first one that you begin with is called the Chaffee which has 445 power points, then there is the Renault FT which you can buy for 40,000 gold coins, this tank has 670 power points, the T-26 that has 817 power points and you can purchase it for 40 diamonds (use War Machines cheats to get free diamonds from the store!), then the last one of the tier one is called M60 Patton that has 905 power points and you can buy it for 40 diamonds.

Then there are the tier two tanks which begin with the Panther with has 1030 power points and you can buy it for 200,000 gold coins, so remember and don’t hesitate and download now the War Machines hack to get the gold needed to this tank, then there is the scorpion which has 1185 power points and you can buy it for 100 diamonds, the Sherman M4A2 which has 1372 power points and it requires SDR (the Soldier rank).

The third tier consists of four tanks as well which begin with the Crusader MKIII which has 1505 power points and it requires SGT (the Sergeant rank), then the Valentine MKIII which has 1695 power points and it also requires SGT (the Sergeant rank), then we have the Type 95 Hago which also requires the same Sergeant rank SGT, then the last one which is called 2S1 Gv0ZDIKA which has 2407 power points and requires the SGT rank.

The fourth tier begin with the Leoard witch has 3668 power points and it requires LT! (the first lieutenant rank), then the Churchill MKIV which has 3959 power points and can only be unlocked by the LT1 rank (the first lieutenant rank), The Panzer IV which has 4388 power points and can only be unlocked to the LT1 rank (the first lieutenant rank), then the for the last tank of the tier we have the IS4 which has 4496 power points and to unlock it and use it you have to upgrade your account to become a premium account using our War Machines hack, then for the fifth tier you have to win a tournament medal to unlock these four tanks.


It is now the time to join the online community and join War Machines’ clan!

You are now ready to compete with real skilled players around the globe just open the online section located in the upper-right corner of the screen and join a clan and improve your stats.



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