You’re in game name can be freely entered for the following sections of this application:

Player name Entry: it is the name that will identify you’re playing character and makes things clear toe very one whom is trying to contact you or knows with whom is he dealing with, so the better you get in the game and make your name popular the harder the opponents will be thanks to the perfect matchmaking system the game has.

FYI: Here you can read some about Character Unlock Missions.

Global Chat: which is the feature that has been enabled by game developers to give you an access to start talking and sharing your thoughts with all the players worldwide, you can also arrange some battles and add players to your friends list to play together later on the game, and of course once you are stuck at some point of the game or something is not clear you can freely pay a visit to your website or get to chat with players on the global chat asking them. You will find a very friendly community waiting ahead of you and expending on your location on the world and the time zone you playing, you shall find people speaking your own language but of course English is the most used language there so if you can read our content right now you shall not face any problem communicating with other players, no swearing no offensive words are allowed in the global chat, and If you did such a thing then you are putting your account at risk of getting banned and will not be able to use this function anymore, so keep things friendly and quite.

which Please note that text entered for the above sections will be displayed on other players` gameplay screens and Maye be released in gameplay videos depending on your skills inside the game and how good you are progressing, the game chooses some unique and strong battles to upload online.

Please do not enter any content that identify or enable access to an individual, violate the rights of a third right, or it is offensive to public, like you cannot put a bad name or racist ones. Remember that this is a VR realm where the best duelers meet finally on one game sharing the best cards in the world, thanks to their cutting edge online network, duelists around the globe can gather here! Now the world of dueling can expand and become bigger and bigger forever! So why don’t you hope into a duel right now?

And here are the age restrictions.

If you are under 13 years old, please do not access or use the application if platform terms prohibit you from accessing or using the System. If System terms allow you to access and use the platform, you may use the application in accordance with System terms.

Second thing is the Intellectual Property. Each part of the data inside the game, which may include video games and other software applications, and all components thereof such as audio, visual materials, and virtual goods, are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights.

Accounts and Password. Yom may be required to register in order to access certain materials or areas of the application, or to purchase license to virtual goods. With respect to any such registration, we Maye refuse to gran you, and you may not sure an account, that is already being used by someone else.